Required SDK Features

This section outlines which portions of the Skipify SDK you will be using for Connected Checkout

Connected Checkout and The Skipify Button both use the Skipify SDK for a range of features. Learn more about specific features of the SDK throughout this section.

Learn how to utilize the enrollment checkbox to know when a customer opts to sign up for Skipify during the Connected Checkout experience.

The Skipify SDK utilizes callback functions to handle API calls, and returns data back for your checkout experience. Learn more about creating an order using the orderDetailsCallback.

Skipify's Connected Checkout experience is one of the entry points for consumers to be able to pay with Skipify. In this experience, you can recognize registered Skipify users as they complete your existing Guest Checkout form – even if they didn't sign up for Skipify with you!

Before Skipify can submit a payment on your behalf in either Connected Checkout or the Skipify Button, we need to gather some information about the order. Because this info may differ between businesses, we require that you implement callbacks in order for us to obtain and utilize the information properly.

Learn how Skipify can display the correct shipping and tax details based on your customer's address.

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