Invalidating PayLinks

Learn how to invalidate a PayLink


An invalid PayLink will no longer display the option for customers to submit payments when they view the order payment site. Instead, the site will display an error message that explains the link is canceled or expired.

You are able to directly control link invalidation in a couple ways:

  • You can set an expiration date and time, which will automatically expire your PayLink after the date and time have passed.
  • You can send an API call to Skipify to cancel a previously created PayLink.

Invalidating via the expiration field:

When creating a PayLink, you can set a specific datetime for when the link expires. After that datetime, the link will become invalid and the status of the PayLink will be "Expired."

API Request


This endpoint uses HMAC

Check out our API Authentication section to learn more

The endpoint for this request uses the payment's paylinkId, which was originally provided in the response body when you created the PayLink.

To invalidate a PayLink, send an API call to:



API Response

204 No ContentSuccessfully canceled a PayLink
400 Bad RequestReturned if Paylink has already been paid, or Cancelled
404PayLink was not found

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