Viewing and Managing PayLinks

Learn how to view and manage previously created PayLinks

Viewing PayLinks

There are two ways to view PayLinks that have been sent:

Recently Sent PayLinks

The five most recently sent PayLinks will appear on the Send Paylinks tab within the PayLinks page

Image showing the location of the five most recently sent PayLinks

View All PayLinks

The View all PayLinks tab within the PayLinks page offers a more detailed view with options to search and filter.

Image of the View All PayLinks page within the Merchant Portal


The search bar allows you to search for PayLinks using the following:

  • Customer details
  • Merchant name
  • Skipify OrderID
  • Amount
Image showing the search bar


Filters allow you to further refine your search by:

  • Status
  • Date Range
  • Amount
  • Customer(s)
Image showing the filter options

Managing PayLinks

PayLinks Status

The options available for managing PayLinks depend on the link's current status:

Sent - The PayLink has been delivered but not opened

Opened - The PayLink was opened but payment has not been submitted

Paid - The PayLink has been paid in full

Canceled - The PayLink was canceled by the merchant

Expired - The PayLink expired before payment was submitted

Failed - The PayLink was not delivered

Where to Manage PayLinks

PayLinks may be managed from two locations:

Recently Sent PayLinks

From the Send Paylinks tab within the PayLinks page, you can manage the five most recently sent PayLinks.

Expanding the PayLink frame by clicking the down-arrow allows you to view the available management options and more details such as the:

Merchant Name - The name of the merchant who created the PayLink

Description - A message or identifiers such as invoice or order numbers

Skipify OrderID - Skipify's unique identifier for the PayLink

History - Displays all changes in the PayLink's status

View all PayLinks

You may also manage PayLinks from the View all PayLinks tab within the PayLinks by clicking on the more horizontal menu.

Manage Options

Depending on the status, the following options are available when managing sent PayLinks:


The edit option allows you to update the PayLink's description and expiration date. Any additional changes require you to cancel the PayLink and create a new one.

Example : There was a mistake in the invoice number that was added to the description field.


This option allows you to resend the PayLink. This option is not available for PayLinks which have already been paid.

Example : The customer accidentally deleted the text or email before they could submit payment.


Canceling a PayLink will prevent the recipient from making a payment using that specific link. This action voids the PayLink and can only be used if payment has not been collected.

Example : The incorrect amount was entered when the PayLink was created.


Refunds may be processed in full or partially. When processing a refund, you will see the following information:

Available amount to refund - This is the remaining balance that has been paid by the customer.

Example : If the paid amount totaled $5.00 and a refund had previously been issued for $2.50, the current Available amount to refund would show a remaining balance of $2.50.

Refund amount - This is the amount you will be refunding on this transaction based on the amount entered in the Refund Amount field.

Video showing how to submit a partial refund on a PayLink

If a PayLink has been fully refunded, a banner will be displayed and you will be unable to refund any additional amounts.

Image of a banner that alerts users that the PayLink has been fully refunded



All transactions may be refunded in whole or partially regardless of the customer's enrollment to Skipify

Skipify baner with link to contact us form