Capture Order

Learn how to use this endpoint to capture payments from authorized orders


The capture amount can be specified, but If no amount is specified, Skipify will capture 100% of authorized funds.
It is possible to process multiple captures until the full authorization amount of the order is reached. To perform a partial capture, pass a non-null amount in the request body. The amount must be less than the original authorization total.



The duration of authorizations typically falls between 7 to 30 days, varying based on the payment service provider (PSP) you utilize. Please consult your PSP documentation to verify the specific expiration timelines for authorizations.


This endpoint uses HMAC with SHA-256

Check out our API Authentication section to learn more

To capture an order, send an API call to:

Staging: POST{orderId}/capture

Production: POST{orderId}/capture

Request Body Parameters

Parameter NameRequiredTypeDescription
amountnointegerAmount to capture in cents

Ex. 5000 would equal $50

Request Body Example

  "amount": 5800, // $ 58.00
  "transactionId": {{skipifytransactionId}} // optional, i.e.: send the transactionId for the partial authorization tied to the overall orderId

API Response

Response Body Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
orderIdstringThe Skipify order id
merchantIdstringThe Skipify Merchant identifier
amountintegerThe amount captured
transactionIdstringThe Skipify transaction identifier
statusstringAllowed Values = Captured, PartialCaptured, Failed
messagestring, nullableThis message will be populated if there was an error processing the capture

Response Body Example

  "orderId": "string",
  "merchantId": "string",
  "amount": integer,
  "transactionId": "string",
  "status": "Captured",
  "message": "string"

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