Capture Order

Learn how to use this endpoint to capture payments from authorized orders


The capture amount can be specified, but If no amount is specified, Skipify will capture 100% of authorized funds.
It is possible to process multiple captures until the full authorization amount of the order is reached. To perform a partial capture, pass a non-null amount in the request body. The amount must be less than the original authorization total.



The duration of authorizations typically falls between 7 to 30 days, varying based on the payment service provider (PSP) you utilize. Please consult your PSP documentation to verify the specific expiration timelines for authorizations.


This endpoint uses MAC with SHA-256

Check out our API Authentication section to learn more

To capture an order, send an API call to:

Staging: POST{orderId}/capture

Production: POST{orderId}/capture

Request Body Parameters

Parameter NameRequiredTypeDescription
amountnointegerAmount to capture in cents

Ex. 5000 would equal $50

Request Body Example

  "amount": 5800, // $ 58.00

API Response

Response Body Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
orderIdstringThe Skipify order id
merchantIdstringThe Skipify Merchant identifier
amountintegerThe amount captured
transactionIdstringThe Skipify transaction identifier
statusstringAllowed Values = Captured, PartialCaptured, Failed
messagestring, nullableThis message will be populated if there was an error processing the capture

Response Body Example

  "orderId": "string",
  "merchantId": "string",
  "amount": integer,
  "transactionId": "string",
  "status": "Captured",
  "message": "string"

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