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How does Skipify determine which financial partners to request cards from?

Skipify will request cards from ALL our participating financial partners who have integrated with our Card Linking solution.

Which cards will be presented?

Skipify will present all cards the participating financial partner sends. Currently supported cards include debit and credit, with more options coming soon.

How are cards presented during card linking?

Financial partners can provide optional data that will help Skipify determine the sorting of the cards (example: last time the card was used or the last time the shopper logged in to their financial application). The more information shared, the increased likelihood that the cards will be presented on top. If no optional data is provided, cards will be presented in alphabetical order by financial partner name followed by card name.

How are saved cards presented in the wallet?

Skipify will present the default card on top followed by all other cards which will be presented chronologically (oldest to newest). The shopper can change their default card at any time.

Where can shoppers link their cards?

Cards may be linked when checking out at any participating merchant.

How are shopper's cards identified?

We use various personally identifiable information to match profiles on record with our financial partners. For security purposes, the data will not be shared until the shopper has been authenticated.

Can a card be deleted after it has been linked?

Of course! Please see Delinking a Shopper and Delinking a Card for more information.

What happens if a shopper's information is updated with their financial institution?

Skipify sends a call to the financial partner every time the shopper logs in to confirm their information. If there are any changes on the partner's side, Skipify may remove the affected cards until the shopper updates their information with Skipify to match the information provided by the partner.

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