Welcome to Skipify!

This site will help you understand Skipify and how it can be integrated. Our goal is to make your onboarding with Skipify as seamless as possible. With our simplified integration and amazing support team, you can be utilizing Skipify in as little as 1 week.

Experience the best checkout, whenever, wherever you are!

Unique among digital wallets is Skipify's ability to recognize registered consumers. This recognition speeds up checkout time by allowing a registered consumer to skip entering the same data over and over again, and instead jump right to making a payment.

The end result is a boost to your conversion, as 65% of eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned today, often due to complicated checkout forms.

Skipify offers three pipelines that can be used independently or in conjunction with one another, depending on the specific needs of your business.

With Expedited Guest Checkout, you utilize our SDK and API to enhance the email field of your guest checkout form. If the email is that of a registered Skipify user, our SDK takes over the experience and allows the consumer to skip entering their data, jumping instead directly into the Skipify wallet and from the wallet, payment.

This measurably speeds up the checkout experience, saving the consumer significant time entering their personal and payment details.

The SDK also allows a consumer to enroll in Skipify with no disruption to the payment.

With the Skipify Button, you utilize our SDK to add a button to your checkout experience that allows consumers to pay with Skipify.

When the consumer clicks the button, they input their email address. If this address is that of a registered Skipify user, they are able to authenticate and then jump right into the wallet, skipping form entry. If not, the consumer can enroll and pay all in one flow.

With PayLink, you send us an API call with order details, and we respond with a customized URL that takes your customers to a Skipify hosted checkout experience.

Embed this URL however you like! You can put it in a text, an email, convert it into a QR code, or drop it into a chat experience. And because checkout is hosted by Skipify, you need not worry about PCI compliance - we've got you covered.

PayLink does not require the customer to be a registered Skipify user. However, if the consumer happens to be a registered Skipify user, they can skip entering form fields during checkout and jump right into payment - and they can enroll for Skipify during the experience with no disruption to their payment.