Reverse Order

Learn how to reverse a previously submitted transaction


Use this endpoint if you are unsure of the status of an order and want to void it or issue a refund. Authorization transactions will be reversed to cancel/void, and capture will be reversed to refund.



A reversal can only be done in full. Partial amounts are not supported.

To Reverse an order, send an API call to:

Staging: POST{orderId}/reverse

Production: POST{orderId}/reverse

API Response

Response Body Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
orderIdstringThe Skipify order id
merchantIdstringThe Skipify Merchant Identifier
transactionIdstringThe Skipify transaction identifier
statusstringAllowed Values = Reversed, Failed
messagestring, nullableThis message will be populated if there was an error processing the refund

Response Body Example

  "orderId": "string",
  "merchantId": "string",
  "transactionId": "string",
  "status": "Reversed",
  "message": "string"

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