Implementation Test Data

Test Consumer Data

Skipify is unable generate test consumer data in our staging environment because it requires having access to phone numbers which can receive SMS messages.

Consumer SMS Numbers

There are several very cheap and free options you can use to create SMS numbers which can receive messages from Skipify. Two that we recommend:


For Staging Only

Once you've tested OTP during development, you can use the generic phone number 1(111) 111-1111 along with any 6 digit code 786786 to bypass the OTP process

Consumer Email Addresses

Once you have SMS numbers configured for testing, we recommend creating multiple test consumer accounts with a single email address. Most email clients support adding a tag ("+tagname") to the end of your email address which will route emails sent to that address as if it did not have that tag. Skipify will treat these as different email addresses/consumers. You can use the same SMS number for different consumers, so you might create a set of different test consumers similar to the example below:

Email Address (Primary Key, Unique)Phone Number (Not Required to Be Unique)
[email protected]555-xxx-xxxx (Google Voice 1)
[email protected]555-xxx-xxxx (Google Voice 1)
[email protected]303-xxx-xxxx (Google Voice 2)

Using this pattern, you can create as much test data as you need to ensure that your integration works properly across a variety of consumer accounts.

Consumer Physical Addresses



You must use a real address when processing test or staging transactions. Do not use fake addresses such as 123 Test St.

Test Credit Card Data



Real credit card data will be rejected in the Skipify staging environment

The following credit card numbers may be used to test various scenarios. A 4 digit CVV must be used for American Express card numbers, while all other card numbers may use a 3 digit CVV.

Visa4000000000000002Declined by Gateway
Visa4000000000000051Card Number Declined
Visa4000000000000119Declined, Contact Bank
American Express378282246310005Success
American Express371449635398431Success
American Express Corporate378734493671000Success
Diners Club30569309025904Success

Additional Test Card Detail by PSP

The following credit card numbers may be used to test various scenarios with different payment service providers:

Visa411111111111111103/2030, 737AdyenDecline
Visa400000000000000803/2030, 737AdyenSuccess
Visa4400000000000008Address field: Test AVS result 2AdyenAVS Decline
MasterCard5499990123456781BrainTreeAVS Decline
MasterCard5499990123456781amount = 12ExpressDecline
MasterCard 5499990123456781Address field: 123 Main Street 2ExpressAVS Decline
more options here
> 🚧 Note that any amount of $33.00 or greater will be approved and avoid test logic
MasterCard5454545454545454amount = 2.51RAFTDecline
Visa4000000000000028StripeAVS Decline
Visa4457000200000008VAPAVS Decline
Visa4242424242424242with any combination of CVV and Expiration DatePayrixSuccess
Visa4242424242424242amount = 500.01PayrixDecline

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