Skipify Environments

Understand the different environments Skipify uses

Staging vs. Production

Skipify uses two different domains to support integrations with our Merchant Partners: the Staging environment, for the testing and developmental phase of the integration, and the Production environment. They each utilize a separate Merchant ID & API Key (found in the Merchant Portal), baseUrl (or BASE_URL) for working with the SDK & API, and demo storefront for testing registration across different merchants:

All payments processed through the Skipify Staging environment are strictly test transactions and you can only use test credentials in this environment (real credit card credentials will be declined).

Your implementation specialist will first set up credentials for you in the Staging environment for testing and development. After you have certified in Staging, you can request Production credentials from your implementation specialist.


Environment Variable storage

You will access a different domain and a different set of Merchant IDs & API Keys for Staging vs. Production. In order to simplify the development and deployment of Skipify's SDK and API, we recommend storing Base URLs, your MIDs & API Keys as environment variables so they can be automatically referenced when you switch between working in Staging and Production.

API Authentication

Skipify authenticates API requests using (in part) the API Key found in your merchant portal. For information about how to authenticate into our API, please see our API Authentication section where we describe MAC with SHA-256 and how to craft requests.


Not all endpoints use MAC with SHA-256

Look for callouts like this one which will identify whether or not an endpoint requires MAC with SHA-256