SDK: Expedited Guest Checkout

Understand how to initialize the Expedited Guest Checkout portion of our SDK



Be sure to read our Getting Started section

It contains all of the setup work required before you can instantiate the Expedited Guest Checkout SDK feature.

The Expedited Guest Checkout experience is one of the entry points for consumers to be able to pay with Skipify. In this experience, you can recognize registered Skipify users as they complete your existing Guest Checkout form – even if they didn't sign up for Skipify with you!

This feature will first check whether or not the customer's email address is in the Skipify database. If it is, then it kicks off the Expedited Guest Checkout flow.

However, if the customer's email is not recognized, you can move onto the user flow for Consumer Enrollment to Skipify for faster checkout in the future.

Expedited Guest Checkout Example

Below is a snippet of code for initializing the Expedited Guest Checkout flow:

myEmailInput.addEventListener('blur', (e) => { 
    let email =; 

    new window.GoCartSDK.Button({
        // Remember to include required callbacks here. Review the "Callbacks" section for more information.


Best Practice!

Call this function every time a consumer completes the email field on your Guest Checkout form. It will either lead to the Enrolling New Skipify Users flow or the
Recognizing Existing Users flow