Sending PayLinks

Learn how to send a PayLink


Skipify is capable of sending a created PayLink via email or SMS. The use of this endpoint is conditional based on the parameters set on the create endpoint:

  • To send a PayLink via email, you must set the sendEmail parameter to true. This will also require you to add an email within the Customer object.
  • To send a PayLink via text message, you must set the sendSMS parameter to true. This will also require you to add a phone number within the Customer object.

Please read the Creating PayLinks documentation to ensure you are creating links correctly to allow you to use this capability.

API Request


This endpoint uses HMAC

Check out our API Authentication to learn more

The endpoint for this request uses the payment's paylinkId, which was originally provided in the response body when you created the PayLink. To send a PayLink to a customer, send an API call to:


API Response

200Successfully sent a PayLink
400Invalid send request
404PayLink was not found
500Unable to send the PayLink


API Reference

Check out our API Reference to learn more

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