Flow: Enrolling New Skipify Users

This section will teach you how to enroll new Skipify users on your Guest Checkout form


As a part of your integration, it is highly recommended that you provide the ability for your customers to enroll in Skipify by default. A customer enrolled in Skipify can, on any enabled website, be instantly recognized so they can skip filling out form fields. The more customers you have enrolled, the faster payments become on your platform.

Workflow Description

In this flow, when a customer visits your checkout page and enters their email, you are capturing it with an event listener (described below). You then send that email to our SDK.

Behind the scenes, the SDK checks the email to confirm whether or not its in our database. In this flow, the email is not in our database, so the SDK does not kick off the Expedited Guest Checkout flow.

As part of your integration, you will install the enrollment checkbox feature of our SDK. If the checkbox is selected when the customer submits their order, this signals that they wish to enroll in Skipify.

When this happens the best practice is to call the enrollCustomer function, further described here . This will handle enrolling the customer in Skipify and launching a one-time passcode (OTP) window for the customer to verify their account. See the specific page documentation for more details.

That's it! You've successfully enrolled a new Skipify user!



Use our enrollCustomer function instead of making the API call and launching the SDK OTP Modal yourself

While you can opt to enroll a customer using our API directly, it will be much easier to simply call this function of the SDK as it will handle both parts of this workflow for you


The above workflow points out specific API or SDK features that you will need to employ in order to successfully set up the Skipify enrollment process. Below are descriptions of each resource as well as links to separate pages that go into more detail.

Email Address Listener

This is a simple bit of Javascript that should capture the email address once it is typed in, so that it can be sent to the Guest Redirect SDK. Only send the email address when the user changes focus on the field.

Sample Code:

  .addEventListener('blur', event => {

Guest Redirect SDK


The first thing that this function does is check internally to see if that customer's email is a registered Skipify user. In this flow, the customer's email is not that of a registered Skipify user. Therefore, nothing happens.

However if an email is recognized, the SDK will kick off the Guest Redirect flow

Enrollment Checkbox


The enrollment checkbox will indicate to you whether or not a customer needs to be enrolled. We strongly recommend that the enrollment checkbox is checked by default (the consumer always has the option to uncheck the box as part of our SDK). At the time of payment, the best practice is to simply call the enrollCustomer function which will handle the key tasks of:

  • Enrolling the user (the function uses our Enroll Customer API)
  • Sending the user a one-time password to validate their account

After you receive back a payload from the Enroll Customer API that the enrollment was successful, you will need to initialize this portion of the SDK.

IMPORTANT: The above two steps are only needed if you are deciding to not call the enrollCustomer function


In this flow, you are submitting payment as normal

In the Guest Redirect and Skipify Button flows, we will submit the payment to the appropriate gateway on your behalf, using your credentials