Get to know Connected Checkout

Connected Checkout

Skipify streamlines the entire checkout process by instantly connecting shoppers with their payment options, rewards, and points. That means fewer abandoned carts and a better experience for everyone.

With Skipify Connected Checkout, merchants utilize our SDK and API to enhance the email field of guest checkout. When Skipify recognizes the email, the shopper can complete the purchase through the Connected Checkout experience, mimicking the experience of a logged in shopper.

This product primarily uses Skipify SDK features. The following pages will allow you to understand the workflows and features both recognizing and enrolling Skipify users.


All of Skipify's use cases can be integrated separately, or together

PayLink, Connected Checkout and The Skipify Button are independent integrations. Pick one, two or three as best suits your needs!

How it Works:

Skipify partners with American Express and the largest financial institutions to bring payment methods and points directly into Skipify Connected Checkout. Now shoppers can instantly and securely access their payment methods without going through a standard checkout.

1. Enrolling a New Skipify User

The first time a consumer checks out on a site that is powered by Skipify, they will need to complete the checkout form and elect to save their information with Skipify. They will receive a one-time passcode, finalizing their enrollment with Skipify.


Best Practice

To provide the best user experience, we require that users are automatically enrolled during checkout

2. Connected Checkout

On return visits to any site that is powered by Skipify, users will be recognized by their email, sent a one-time passcode, and be presented with their saved information. All that's left for them to do is click ‘Pay Now’!

Two User Flows

In this flow, you can recognize a registered Skipify user directly from your guest checkout form. This will allow the user to avoid entering payment details and jump right into payment, speeding up checkout significantly.

In this flow, you can register new Skipify users directly from your guest checkout form. This means that any time they come back to make a subsequent purchase, they can skip entering payment details and jump right into payment. Skipify requires automatically checking the enrollment checkbox to default consumers to enroll within Skipify as this makes the application more useful for more consumers.