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Understand the uses and features of Skipify's PayLinks


Skipify PayLinks is a simple to integrate, highly effective tool for creating links your customers can use to make a payment. You can send payment links to your customers using whatever mechanisms you currently have in place (text, email, chat, QR code, and more).

PayLinks can be used by anyone - a consumer does not need a Skipify account to pay. However, if the consumer is a registered Skipify user, they can skip filling out checkout fields and dive directly into payment, speeding up the process by as much as 3 minutes!


All of Skipify's use cases can be integrated separately, or together

PayLink, Expedited Guest Checkout and The Skipify Button are independent integrations. Pick one, two or three as best suits your needs!

How it Works:

1. Create a Link

You send us an API call with the payment request details, and we respond with a customized, one-time-use URL. This URL will take your customer to our hosted checkout page. As it's hosted by us, we handle PCI compliance!

2. Share and Get Paid

You can embed this URL however you like using whatever mechanisms work best for your business. You can send the link via text message or email, it can be converted into a QR code, and it can even be dropped into a web chat experience.

3. Skipify Notifies You

When customers complete their payment, Skipify can send a notification to a Webhook server that you setup. You can setup notifications for payment successes, failures, and expirations.


Delivery Options

Skipify's PayLinks is available with or without delivery of text messages and email. This documentation describes a without delivery integration, where you would receive a link from us and embed it in any delivery method of your choosing.

If you would like to take advantage of Skipify's PayLinks product with delivery of text and email included, please reach out to your sales representative.

Common Use Cases

Invoicing and Billing
Create a payment request using PayLinks at the time of the creation of an invoice or bill.

If the invoice or bill is sent via text or email, you can include a "pay now" button within the body of those messages. If the invoice or bill is web-based, you can embed the link into a "pay now" button on your website. If the invoice or bill happens to be paper, you can convert the payment request URL to a QR code and print it directly on the invoice itself.

Email Re-marketing
Create a payment request with items from your store, perhaps from a recently abandoned cart. Send your shopper an email or text message with an invite to complete their purchase simply by clicking on the link.

Web-Based Chat
If a customer is chatting with one of your employees and wants additional services or products, your employee can create a payment request using PayLink and share it directly in the chat for a more seamless payment experience.

In-Person and Personal Services Payments
Your employee is in person with a customer who wants to complete a purchase. Your employee inputs the purchase details, including the customers email address and phone number. Your customer then receives a text message or email linking to our secure, hosted checkout experience.

Your customer can then complete the payment in a PCI compliant manner on their own device, and your employee doesn't see or hear any card-related data.

Telephone Payments
Instead of having your employees take a customer's card data over the telephone for an order, you can use PayLinks to send that same customer a text or email with a payment link. Your customer completes their payment in a PCI compliant manner on their own device, and your employee doesn't see or hear any card-related data.

Powered by Skipify

PayLinks can be used by anyone - it is not necessary to be a registered Skipify user. However, when a recognized Skipify customer clicks on one of our URLs, they are able to skip filling out fields and dive directly into payment.

All of this from a simple API call.

Ready to get started? Check out how to create a payment request!


The Sky's the Limit!

Because PayLinks is not bound to specific delivery mechanisms, it works with your current infrastructure. And because we handle PCI compliance and payment submission, all you need to do is integrate and get creative about how to utilize the service in the way that best fits your needs.