GET Order

Discover how this endpoint allows you to look up Orders submitted by Skipify.


Use the Get Order endpoint to find up-to-date information (ex: current status) about a previously created Order with Skipify. This call can only look up an order; to modify an order, call the Capture, Void, or Refund endpoints. To specify which order to lookup, this endpoint utilizes Order IDs, which can be obtained in a number of different ways depending on developer preference and/or payment pipeline.

API Request


This endpoint uses MAC with SHA-256

Please read our API Authentication section to ensure you are crafting your request properly.

This endpoint uses Order IDs to access orders. Order IDs can be obtained during different parts of the order flow depending on the Skipify payment pipeline being used:

Expedited Guest Checkout & the Skipify Button
When creating orders using EGC or the Skipify Button, Skipify's orderID is provided as part of the SDK Success Callback. Alternatively, the order can be queried using the orderId specified when first creating the order (note that this orderId is saved as the merchantOrderId in Skipify's systems).

The initial request via PayLink is called a Payment Request (as opposed to an Order). Payment Requests will only have an orderId after a consumer has visited the Payment Request URL and attempted to pay. To determine if your Payment Request has an orderId, look up the Payment Request.

  • If the Payment Request has an Open status, it means the attempted payment was unsuccessful and the corresponding Order will have an ERROR status.
  • If the Payment Request has a PaidOnPlatform status, it means the attempted payment was successful and the corresponding Order will have a PROCESSED status.

To access get an Order, send an API call to:

GET {{baseURL}}/orders/{{orderId}}

Request Body This request does not require a request body.

API Response

Response Body Fields
externalIdStringThis order's unique Skipify identifier
totalNumberThe total price for this order, listed in cents
subtotalNumberThe subtotal for items in this order, listed in cents
taxNumberThe tax for this order, listed in cents
shippingNumberThe shipping cost for this order, listed in cents
tipNumberThe tip paid for this order, listen in cents
orderDescriptionStringThe order description for this order set when creating details in the Order Details callback
metadataObjectMetadata for this order set when creating a payment request
statusStringThe current status of the payment:
- PENDING - when an order is created
- PROCESSED - when an authorization or sale is performed
- ERROR - when a transaction is not successful
- CANCELLED - when an order is authorized, then fully voided
settlementTypeStringThe settlement type of this order. This configuration can be set in the Merchant Portal.
lastProcessingAttemptStringTimestamp of the last time an attempt was made to make a payment on the order. Includes attempted payments that were successful, were declined, and had invalid credit card numbers/expiration dates.
currencyCodeStringThe code for the currency used in this order. ex: USD
hashStringUsed by Skipify for verification purposes. Integrating merchants can ignore this field.
merchantOrderIdStringThe merchant's Order ID passed to Skipify during the Order Details callback
customerIdStringThe customer's unique Skipify identifier
paymentIdStringThis payment's unique Skipify identifier
addressIdStringThe unique Skipify identifier for the customer's address
shippingAddressIdStringThe unique Skipify identifier for the customer's shipping address
shippingMethodIdStringThe unique Skipify identifier for the shipping option selected
merchantIdStringThis merchant's unique Skipify identifier
tipPercentagesArrayAn array of pre-selected tip percentages available for customers to select. Tipping can be toggled on/off in the Merchant Portal.
paymentMethodObjectDetails of the payment credit card used for this order
transactionsArrayAn array of payment gateway transactions associated with this order that have been processed through Skipify's SDK/API.
- The different transaction types can be viewed in Skipify's API Reference page.
- The gatewayTransactionId can be referenced to communicate directly with your gateway about this transaction.

Note: Transactions that are processed directly with your payment gateway will not be displayed in this field.
orderLineItemsArrayAn array of line items in this order
purchaseDetailsArrayAn array of details included in the header of the Skipify wallet. See Purchase Details for more details.
Response Body Example
  "externalId": "string",
  "total": 0,
  "subtotal": 0,
  "tax": 0,
  "shipping": 0,
  "tip": 0,
  "orderDescription": "string",
  "metadata": "string",
  "status": "PENDING", // statuses include PENDING, ERROR, and PROCESSED
  "settlementType": "Sale",
  "lastProcessingAttempt": "2021-10-11T17:16:23.251Z",
  "currencyCode": "string",
  "hash": "string",
  "merchantOrderId": "string",
  "customerId": "string",
  "paymentId": "string",
  "addressId": "string",
  "shippingAddressId": "string",
  "shippingMethodId": "string",
  "merchantId": "string",
  "tipPercentages": [
      "percent": 0,
      "amount": 0
  "paymentMethod": {
    cardBrand: "string", // Possible values include “Visa”, “Mastercard”, “Amex”, “DinersClub”, “Discover”, “UnionPay” and “JCB”
    expMonth: 01,
    expYear: 2030,
    last4CardNumber: 1111
  "transactions": [
      "gatewayTransactionId": "string",
      "amount": 0,
      "type": "SALE",
      "status": "SUCCESS",
      "orderId": "string",
      "externalId": "string"
  "orderLineItems": [
      "sku": "string",
      "description": "string",
      "amount": 0,
      "category": "string",
      "externalId": "string"


API Reference

Our API Reference contains additional details about this endpoint and its use.