Payment Links Endpoints

Understand the specific endpoints involved in the PayLink integration

The atomic unit of Payment Links is a Payment Request. Essentially, a Payment Request is the URL we send in the response payload of the Create Payment Request API call. This URL is what you send to your customer using whatever mechanism best fits your business and use case.

It is possible for you to modify a Payment Request that you previously created. This is useful for any case where you want to add, remove or modify the items in the request itself.

Changing a payment request is done as a PUT using the same endpoint where the payment request was created.

An invalid payment request will no longer work for a customer when they interact with the URL. Instead we show an error message that explains why the request was invalidated.

You are able to directly control request invalidation in a few ways:

You can send an API call to us to invalidate a previously created Payment Request
You can set an expiration date and time, which will automatically invalidate your Payment Request when that date and time occur

You may want to look up a Payment Request for a number of reasons. You may wish to get the details so you can then modify it, or you may simply want to know its status. This is done via a GET call to this endpoint.