PayLinks are a highly effective tool that allows merchants to reach their customers via email, text, chat, and more, enabling shoppers to pay whenever, wherever they like.

With Skipify PayLinks, you send us an API call with order details, and we respond with a customized URL that takes your customers to a hosted Skipify Connected Checkout experience. Embed this URL however you like! You can put it in a text, an email, convert it to a QR code, or drop it into a chat experience. And because checkout is hosted by Skipify, you don’t need to worry about PCI compliance - we've got you covered.

Skipify PayLinks do not require the customer to be a registered Skipify user. However, if the consumer is a registered Skipify user, they can skip entering form fields during checkout and jump right into payment - and they can enroll for Skipify during the experience with no disruption to their payment.

How it works

  1. Create a Link
    You send us an API call with the payment request details, and we respond with a customized, one-time-use URL. This URL will take your customer to our hosted checkout page. Since it's hosted by us, we handle PCI compliance!
  2. Share and Get Paid
    You can embed this URL however you like using whatever mechanisms work best for your business. You can send the link via text message or email, drop it into a web chat experience, or even convert it to a QR code!
  3. Skipify Notifies You
    When customers complete their payment, Skipify can send a notification to a Webhook server that you setup. That way you’ll know whenever a payment is successful or fails.

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