Skipify's Connected Checkout streamlines the entire checkout process by instantly connecting shoppers with their payment options, rewards, and points. That means fewer abandoned carts and a better experience for everyone.

How does it work?

Skipify partners with American Express, Synchrony, Visa and the largest financial institutions to bring payment methods directly into Connected Checkout.

Now shoppers can instantly access their payment methods without going through a standard checkout.

Merchants simply integrate the Skipify SDK to use Email Lookup or Skipify Button.

Recognized Skipify shoppers securely complete their purchase through the Connected Checkout experience, mimicking the experience of a logged in shopper.

Shoppers new to the Skipify ecosystem have the option to save their info and payment methods for faster checkouts anywhere that accepts Skipify.

Email Lookup

Enables Skipify to recognize shoppers behind the scenes on the existing checkout’s email field.

Skipify Button

Is a co-branded button that allows its Shoppers to fly through checkout with no disruption to the payment.

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