Flow: The Skipify Button

This article outlines how the Skipify Button can enroll customers and accept payments, all in the same flow. And, for registered users, the Button can expedite payment significantly!


The Skipify button allows for the identification of existing Skipify users for faster checkout as well as for the enrollment of non-Skipify users.

When someone clicks on the Skipify button they will see a modal that allows them to input their email. We check that email address, and the experience changes based on whether or not the user is currently enrolled.

Workflow Description

In this flow, when a customer visits your checkout page, they click on the Skipify Button and input their email address.

From here, one of two things can happen:

  • The email address is not recognized
    ** The customer can enroll in Skipify and then pay all in one flow
  • The email address is recognized
    ** We provide the customer a one-time passcode (OTP) for verification, then they can pay without having to fill out form fields.

In either case, we are submitting a payment on your behalf using your merchant and gateway credentials. After an order has been submitted, we share the results with you via an Order Success/Failure Callback. This callback provides you with information about whether or not the payment was successful, allowing you to render the appropriate page on your website.

Reference Diagram 960


The above workflow points out specific SDK features that you will need to employ in order to successfully utilize Expedited Guest Checkout. They are listed below:

The Skipify Button


Initializing and installing the button on your payment page is the first step. If a consumer decides to select this button, then it will kick off the entire flow.