Flow: The Skipify Button

Learn more about the Skipify Button

The Skipify button identifies existing Skipify users for faster checkout, or allows easy enrollment for non-Skipify users directly in the checkout flow.

Workflow Description

In this flow, a customer visits your checkout page, clicks on the Skipify Button, and enters their email address.

From here, one of two things can happen:

  • The email address is not recognized
    The customer can enroll in Skipify and then pay while staying in the same flow.
  • The email address is recognized
    We provide the customer a one-time passcode (OTP) for verification, then they can pay without having to fill out additional fields.

In either case, we are submitting a payment on your behalf using your merchant and gateway credentials. After an order has been submitted, we share the results with you via the Order Success/Failure Callback. This callback provides you with information about whether or not the payment was successful, allowing you to render the appropriate page on your website.

Image of a chart showing the Skipify button flow


The above workflow points out specific SDK features that you will need to employ in order to successfully utilize Connected Checkout. These include:

The Skipify Button


Skipify baner with link to contact us form