Create External Credential - Stripe (WIP)

Express PSP Details


See below for the request and response details for assigning PSP Credentials to a Skipify Merchant Account.


This endpoint uses HMAC with SHA-256

Check out our API Authentication section to learn more

To Add External Credentials to a Skipify Merchant Account, send an API call to:

Staging: POST

Production: POST

Request Body Parameters

Parameter NameRequiredTypeDescription
merchantIdyesstringThe MerchantId for the merchant you are assigning credentials to
credentialTypeyesstringValue: Payment
systemOfOriginyesstringValue: Stripe
datayesobjectan object containing the PSP credentials' parameters

Request Body Example

    "merchantId": "string",
    "credentialType": "payment",
    "systemOfOrigin": "Stripe",
    "data": {
        "connect_id": "string"

API Response

Response Body Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
merchantIdstringThe Skipify Merchant identifier
credentialTypestringThe type of credential this is for. This will be 'payment'
systemOfOriginstringThe name of the PSP platform the credentials are associated with
dataobjectContains the PSP Credentials sent in the request
schemaVersionintegerThe Skipify Schema version this account is associated with
isDeletedBooleanFlag to indicate if the account has been deleted
_idstringThe ID of this configuration
credentialIdstringThe ID of this credential
createdAtstring, dateTimeThe created date/time for this merchant
updatedAtstring, dateTimeThe created date/time for this merchant
__vintegerReserved for future use

Response Body Example

    "merchantId": "string",
    "credentialType": "payment",
    "systemOfOrigin": "string",
    "data": {
 				"connect_id": "string"
    "schemaVersion": 1,
    "isDeleted": false,
    "_id": "string",
    "credentialId": "string",
    "createdAt": "2024-04-22T20:46:35.288Z",
    "updatedAt": "2024-04-22T20:46:35.288Z",
    "__v": 0