Creates a new merchant

Skipify offers Staging & Production environments for the different phases of integration. See the Environments page for more details.

Creates a new merchant. On creation of a new merchant there is the opporunity to seed the merchant with configuration, domain, and callback details. There is also the opportunity to provision users with access to the merchant.

It is not required to provision resources like merchant domains, configurations, and callbacks under the context of the merchant during initial creations. There are individual APIs that enable one to manage the aforementioned resources.

A valid JWT or MAC is required to access this endpoint. MerchantAdmin and Developer users cannot access this API.

MerchantCredentials cannot contain multiple credentials with the same CredentialType.

MerchantConfigs cannot contain multiple configs with the same ConfigType.

The TaxType config can only be set to Taxable if the request body also has a ShippingAndTax callback set.

The FulfillmentType config can only be set to Shipping if the request body also has a ShippingAndTax callback set.

ConfigTypes CheckoutButton, ExpeditedGuestCheckout, and PayByLink can only be set by SUPERADMIN users.

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